Sneha an Adorable Housewife
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RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
TV connection part 2

Dinesh waited for a while, and looking around on how to screw this young chubby aunty.. During several weeks, he used to only hide and peek on sneha. Now, hz taught that the situation had arrived to please his envy.
All the situation right now is good enough for our little lad to enjoy sneha; firstly no one at home as her mom went for shopping, secondly sneha's hubby isn't back from office & will be back late in the evening. To avoid the distubance from the neigbourhood, dinesh locked the main door so no one will intervene during the joyful moments....

meanwhile, sneha lookd for a stool and bringing it to the room. I didn't metion it before, but the TV box is located in a sneha's bedroom.

Do you remember the room where sneha changed here clothes after a quick bath ? 
That was the room where the tv set is put on the shelf. Sneha asked dinesh to enter the room, although dinesh spent a lot of time in this room when it wasn' on rent, this time things are completely new to him. may be the situation makes him feel to be on heaven.

He is very stressed and his heartbeat is pounding like a timebomb... Boum Boum Boum...

Sneha brought the stool near to the chamber, dinesh stands outside...

Sneha: yeeen paaa, rooomukullahthan tv irruku.. (oh boy, the tv set inside my room, u wont see it)
Dinesh whispered to himself: onnoodhaa jacketkulladhan rendu paal packet irrukuu... naan keetheynaaa ! ( i only saw 2 milk packet undeer your blouse! )

Sneha asked him to enter the room so she can follow him behind to put the stool.
As the room is already little bit dim-lighted, sneha switched the lights on...

She put the stool near the slab (shelf), so dinesh can climb and pick up the tv and set it up.

Dinesh slowly nears sneha and asked to hold it strong otherwise he will fell...

The shlef is very high to dinesh, that's why he asked sneha to hold it on....

Dinesh: Naaa maileye erraapooren, stoolla naalla pidhchikoogaa.. (i'll climb, please hold the chair)
Sneha: Paathu yerru paa, jhaakiruthai 'i'll , be careful while standing on it)

As the room is small and narrow, sneha placed the stool inbetween her bed and a small place.

Dinesh climbed slowly on the stool, sneha begun to hold it. Sneha is more focused on holding the stool as she looks downside... there is also an another reason why sneha is looking down, because on teen boy is wearing shorts and sneha doesn't want to look above as her gorgeous face would see the strong and youthful thighs of dinesh.

Dinesh meanwhile knew the reason why sneha is bending downwise, he used this moment to glimpse at sneha cleaveage...

This is the first time, he is so close to a woman, he can surely feel and sense the perfume of sneha..

Dinesh is slowly picking up the packed tv set on the shelf, the hold it, pushed it, try to clung it around but, his hands are to small to catch it. He put some incredible effort to pull it off... 

sneha heard some noise from him, as she noticed that he is struggling to pull the tv set. 

Sneha: enna paa weightaaa irrukaa, nee chinnaa paiyeen, veenounaa appurram edhuthukullam (it so heavy or what, your a small kid, we can set it up later if you wish)

this phrase angered dinesh as he forced to pull..; he keeps trying to do it but cant do it neatly...

sneha asked him to get down, but he insists that he can do it...

Suddenly, he pulled it hard as his hands slipped from the box and he was unbalanced and began to loose his controls....
Sneha knew that the boy is going to fell from the stool, she tried her best to hold the stool but she cant be able to sustain it for long time as dinesh begun to fell from the stool....

In a fraction of second, dinesh knew that he had to seize his chance to fell to sneha and take advantage of the arisen situation...

He slightly moved to left and sneha also swayed to the moment and begun to fall...

while falling, he held sneha strongly to her shoulders as with the force he ripped off her blouse, as know sneha is without her blouse and only in a ripped off dress infront of a teenage boy...

Dinesh continued to use the situation to tear more of her blouse as his hands passes trough her whole upper body... he slipped his hands from sneha's shoulder to her boobs as his both hands are touching sneha's milky parts...then they both suddely fell on the bed, as the fall is soften by the bed...

Sneha and dinesh are in pain and very embarassing moment for the young lady, she knew that dinesh falling was completely an accident, but she cant bear that she is almost topless in front of a 16year old boy..

Sneha is in tears and began to cover up boobies with her sari, and begun to leave the place to her bathroom... meanwhile, dinesh inteds to be hurt as he continues to suffer the pain he endured..
But that exactly, the opposite, he is feeling to be the king of the world, he acheived something that no one of his aged group had done before..

Touching, seeing the beautiful boobs on sneha... Everyone in the whole area wanted to see sneha's boobs, but dinesh is actually the second to witness her package for real...

Sneha rushed to the bathroom and shut the door behind and started to calm herself before getting outside...
As she is very conservative, she shivers all around...Dinesh slowly apporached to the bathroom where he can hear some noises,
he knew that sneha is upset with the things but he knew also that it was a accident ...

Sneha taught that was an accident but dinesh only knew that the first part of his plan...

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RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
Act of innocence...

Dinesh doesn't know what to do and what will be sneha's reaction to the so called "accidental touch" !

Dinesh grasped some courage and decieded to check sneha.... he knew that the homely bitch is in the bathroom weeping on but he knew also that if he doesn't express his feelings to sneha rightnow, he could never get a chance to please himself...

Dinesh to himself: Ippo enna paanaalaam ? eepaadi snehaaa correctpaanaalaam (what should i do? how can i bring sneha to my line ?)
While approaching the veranda giving the way to the bathroom, dinesh heard some crying noise.

Dinesh idhu snehaa romba baayaanthuthaagaapoll irrku, ayyo enna seiyalaam... onnum theriyelayee ( Its sneha weeping noise, she is in totally tizzy... Gosh i don't know what to do...)

Dinesh slowly approached to the bathroom and gurguled so sneha can understand that dinesh is over there..

Dinesh: hmmmhummm... 
Sneha doesn't utter a word from there and dinesh can only hear her breathing..
Dinesh gathered some courage and in a short shivering voice, he trampled: Snehaa akkaa... Snehaa Akkaa.. (sneha sister, sneha sister)
Sneha didn't give an attention to dinesh as his voices trumles and very low to hear.

Dinesh raised his voice: Snehaa akkaa, ennaa aaachi... yeen bathroomlaa irrukukigaaa, veeliyee vaanga please (sneha sister,what happend, why are you hiding in the bathroom, please come out side please)

Sneha is a very anxious voice: Dinesh... nee kizhlye poo.. naa appouram vaaren (dinesh, you go to your place... i'm come therafter)

Dinesh: Enna... enna aachi (what...what Happend)

Sneha doesn't want dinesh to know the truth... in fact when dinesh fell on sneha, he tore sneha's clothes (petticoat tore completly)
She is hiding inside the bathroom because she is only in Bra now as the she can't use the blouse...Thats why she is asking dinesh to move on ... so she can grab a blouse from her wardrobe and change herself..

Dinesh doesn't know this things as he keeps sneha urging sneha to come outside.. he is very afraid about the current situation as sneha may complain the incident to his mother "seetha"...

Dinesh is completely panicking... his voices and requests for sneha is more and more stronger... he wants her to come outside so he can beg for her mercy.

Dinesh: Snehaa akka..please veeliyilee vaangaa (sneha akkaa please come oustide)
Sneha: Ayooo... nee kizhlee yeerangii poo , naaa sollurulainlaa (gosh, please go to your please, i'm demanding it )
Dinesh continues to stay there: Akkaa... please, naan veenuneeye sayalaah (sister, please, I didn't do it on purpose)
Sneha: Adhuilladaa..edhu veera vichaayam (i'm not thinking about it.. its other concern)

Sneha doesn't express him that her dress is fully tore (specifcally her tops).. She knew that the fallout is an "incident"..
Dinesh meanwhile keeps insisting and ask something to sneha...

Dinesh: Serii naan Kizhlee pooren... aanaa orye oru condition ( Ok, i'll go downside but withone condition)
Sneha: Ennadhu ? (what?)
Dinesh: Neegaa enna mannipeegalaa (would you forgive me ?)
Sneha: Naadhadhu paathi naa onnu thaapaa ninaikaalaa (i've take it seriously the incident, you did'nt do it on purpose)
Dinesh utter a sign of relief as he thanked sneha for her kindness and forgiveness...

Dinesh before leaving the place, inisisted and asked why sneha is still hiding in the bathroom 

Dinesh: Yeenkaa, oouliyeee irrukigaa (why are you still inside ?)
Sneha doesn't wanted to tell him but he insisted so merely that she taught she can tell him about her dresses..

Sneha taught herself before speaking (chinaa paiyenenthaanee... Dress veenaaa edhuthu vaaraa sollalamaa...Epaadiyee eppadhi veeliyee poovadhu): He is so innocent that he begged for mercy... should i as him to bring me other blose and dress.. How can i go outside like this ?)

Dinesh is waiting outside for sneha's reply
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RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
The turn of events... 

Sneha: Dinesh... oru help pannuriyaa (Dinesh.. can you help me?)
Dinesh: enn..enna (wh..what ?)
Sneha: Ennodaa dress kizhungee poochie... (My dress in completely torn..)
Dinesh to himself: His evil is getting back to him as sneha said the word "dress"...Dinesh begun to forgot he is thinking about sneha's condition

Sneha: ennapaa..innum nee irrukkeeyaa (what happedn ? r u still there?)
Dinesh back to mind set: Eh..engeeythaa irrkueen... (y..ya i'm still there)
Sneha: Neeveenaa, ennodhaa dress edhuthutu vaariyaa ( if you wish, can you bring me the dress so i can change myself)
Dinesh cant believe what sneha has requested him...he merely said without enthusiasm: serri (fine)
Sneha told him to bring her some clothes from the wardrobe...

Sneha: ennodaa roomelaa, dress irruku, poiye konduvaa (my dresses are in my room..please bring it)
Dinesh: Enaa dress.. enna veenum (what dress..what do u want)
Sneha not only needed a saree but also a blouse on this occasion... but asked only for a saree because of her shyness...

Dinesh rushed to the room and began to seach for the wardrobe key..but couldn't find it anywhere...he came back to the veranda and asked sneha for the key...

Dinesh: Aalamaarioodaa saavi engyee irukku (where is the wardrobbe key ?)
Sneha: Beromelleye irrku (its on the top of the bureau)
Dinesh: Enna color saari veenum (what saari, do u want..which coulour)
Sneha: eedhavudhu koondhuvaa( bring me something)
Dinesh: seeri.. veeraa onnu veenaavaa.. (fine, do u need anything else)
Sneha does'nt dare to ask for a blouse...but dinesh evilness knew that she is in the need for the dress..
Dinesh asked once again but sneha responded: Saari maathum poodhum.. (saari will be enough)
Dinesh get back to the room,picked the key and begun to look for a saree...There are plenty and variety of sarees in terms of colours, paterns, quality... green, red, blue..but he noticed one transparent nylon saree..he taught that this should be great to see sneha wearing..As the dress is light and transparent, sneha assets would surely be sexy...

Dinesh picked the dress and get back to the veranda...meanwhile he taught that about the raised situation...Sneha's situation isn't very common..she depends on him to get out of it...she is in complete need but she is playing it cool to get 
her dresses as she doesn't suspect our little lad evil plan

Dinesh evil's plan come now right to spot as he deciedes to blackmail sneha right now!
He was thinking that he would ask things to sneha to get satisfied..meanwhile he noted also the time (its 5PM.. and sneha's hubby will be back sharply at 5:30PM) he wanted to use this opportuinity to begin his sadistic ideas fullfilled...
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RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
Viscious plan executed ?

He planned something special for this moment. Even though he is a teenager, he used to watch many Rated R films with friends. its quite normal for a guy or a girl to figure out about another sex. His curiosity and his animosity brought him to the current situation...

Dinesh vigorously held the sari and began his march towards the bathroom... Each steps toward the bathroom is a pitch towards the glory... glory of discovery, of the insatiable moments..Dinesh finally made his mind and opted to make his first attempt..

Dinesh: Akka, naa saarioondhu vaanthirukeen... (sneha akka, i brought you a sari)
Sneha: saari, adhai washbasinlaa vaachitupoo (lay it on the washbasin and leave the place)

Dinesh imagined himself about the sneha's should she be in those torn dress? Can i see her in a bra? Can i ask.. can i ask to touch those boobs?
As he taught, his tool begin to respond his as it is growing bigger and bigger...

Sneha: enna, saariyaa veechitheeyaa ? (what, did you put the sari?)
Dinesh: innum illa (not yet)
Sneha; seekiram vechithupoo (put it quickly, and go away)

Dinesh knew that the clock in ticking favorably to him, its 5:5 pm...only few mintues before his husband back to home..Sneha in the meanwhile had to get ready, look after the baby and specially prepare some snacks to his husband...
What dinesh doesn't know is that today, Praveen (sneha's husband) will bring also some colleagues to his new place and present his small family to them...

Sneha uttered a word: innukuverra , aavuru aavorradhaa friendsaa kuupithuvaaruvaaru.. (today, my hubby will bring his colleague to home, i need to get out of it quickly)
Dinesh seized the occasion to put his evil plan is action: Snehaakka.. eppovaarangaa.. (sneha sis, when will they come)
Sneha: ippo 5:30 vaanthudhuvaangaa ( now, they will be at 5:30)
Dinesh: seeri, inthagaa saari (ok, here is the sari)
Sneha: washbasinlaa thanee irruku, nee kilambipoo (did you put on the washbasin, now you leave)

But dinesh doesnt put the sari but still holding in his hands..
Dinesh : illa (no)
Sneha doesn't understand and asked again: enna? (why?)
Dinesh couragesouly said: naa oungaalaa paakunoum (i want to see you)
Sneha responded quickly: ennayaa, dressaa vaichitupoo, appouram pesalaam ( you want to see me, leave the dress, then whe shall talk later)
Dinesh: Illa, ippove naa oongaalaa mozhusaa paakunum (no, i want to see you completely)
Sneha was shocked about what she heard from the teenage boy: ennadaa? ennaidhalaam? (what.. what is this ?)
Dinesh: ippo neega, eppadi irukigallo appadiye velliva vaangaa ( come outside as you were rightnow)
Sneha can't believe it about dinesh demands: ennadaa? enna solluraa.. ooghaa ammaakittaa solliduven (whats the fuck? i will complain to your mom)
Dinesh: ennakuu oogaallaa pudichiruku, vellive vandhu nillugaa, appouram dress tharen (i like you very much, come outside, i'll give you the dress)
Sneha begun to raise her voices: neeyaadaa ippadi, enna aachiunakuu (what happend to you?)
Dinesh: seekiram, ippovee mani aanchyee kaal aachi (its 5:15pm), innum koongaa neeram than irruku.. ippadiyee onodhaa puruchan paathaa keevaalama irrukum.. naan solluratha kellu..illanaa onoodha vaazhkaye kaali (its already (5:15pm, you 
have got only few mins..if your hubby catches you in this dress, it would be a real disgrace to your honour...listen to me carefully, if not your life will be spoiled for ever)
Sneha understands now the seriouness of the situation...and began to tremble in fear and nervouseness...

Dinesh: Naa onnuku ippo, 3 nimuchem time tharen adhukulla naalaa mudhiveedhu (i"m granting you 3 minutes to think about, take a good decision)
Meanwhile the baby began to cry.. sneha heard that and began to beg to dinesh..

Sneha: kozhaadhaa azhuvuddu.. dress kodhu .. (baby is crying, please give me the dress)
Dinesh insisted: naa solluthaa nee saiye, dress oodhanee kuduthiduren (do what i say, i'll handover the dress)
Sneha begged again and again for a while but our boy doesn't even want to listen as his wild envy has taken him away from his heart... His mind has taken over his heart..

Dinesh: Ippo nee veeliyee vaariyaa.. illa (will you come outside or N...)
Sneha knew that she is cornered by this little bastard and she couldn't convince him.. she knew also that she has a little time to get out of the situation (once to look after the kind and mainly to not face his husband in this manner)

 Onnuku yenna veeum (what do you want from me)
Dinesh was really happy to hear those words from sneha: Ippoo eppadi ooulla irrkugigaa (now, how re you inside the bathroom)
Sneha hesitated to say but the situation forced her to talk: Verrum braalayum ,paavaadailum irrukein (only on bra and on skirt)
Dinesh began to breathe heavier and he is already fully erected: Enna colour braa pothuirrukingaa (what is your braa colour?)
Sneha doesn't respond to him..and began to cry
Dinesh: enna baathilee kaanum (why ? No answer...)
Sneha in a small voice siad: kaarupuu color (black colour)
Dinesh: serri, naalathaa irukum, seeri naambaa vichayathuku vaaruvum.. naa ongaala braavodhu paakunum (it should be awesome to see you in a bra)
Sneha cried louder, and said: ithalla thappudaa.. enna vithudu (its not fair, please leave me)
Dinesh: ippo kaathavaa thirakaa pooriyaa illya...ippove time aaidhichii (will you open the door, its getting to late)
Sneha meanwhile noticed also the cry of baby, she wanted to relief her infant so she finally decieded to open the bathroom door to please the young lad...

Sneha opened the door but doesn't get out, she is still inside the place hinding behind the a wall and covering her hands over her massive boobs...

Dinesh slowly entered the place and saw sneha weeping and she is against the wall, hinding...
Dinesh slowly began to take his attetion to sneha's body structure, as she is against the wall, he sees her from behind and noticed her her huge wide ass..

Dinesh: chanceilla, inthaa soothaa aapaadiyee saapidalam, naal puraaa naakikitee irrukaalaa (no chance in hell, what a wide ass, i wish to bite it harder and lick it for the whole day)
Sneha is weeping all around and doesnt move at all...

Dinesh: konchaam thirubugaa...naa onnum seyaa maaten, ongaalaa paakunum polla irrkum... ongai moolai rombaa naallairunum ninaikuren (just turn around, i'wont do anything harm to you, i just want th chek your racks, i hope your boobs are great)
Sneha slowly turned around but kept her head low and weeping, she covered also the huge boobs with her hands..she closed also her eyes and doesn't want eye contact with dinesh...

Dinesh is in paradise now as sneha in almost topless in front of him...he asked her to remove her hands form the racks...

Dinesh: kaayee kizhlee irrakugaa, naa muvuchaa paakunum (remove your hands from your tits, i want to see it completely) 
Sneha is shivering and in a slow pace she began to remove her hands form her boobs...Dinesh slowly approached to her..he is nose to nose..close to her and cant believe what was he experiencing right now..

Sneha kept her evey closed, dinesh move in eyes to the boobs and began to mouthwatering.. he could'nt resist more he wants to kiss, to touch, to play, to discover, and mainly suck her boobs out dry...
Sneha's boobs r enormous, he slowly approached his shaking hands to boobs...sneha doesn't say anything coz she wants his thing to get finihsed quickly...

Dinesh moved his hands as he is going to press the autorickshaw horn... only few inches between sneha boobs and dinesh hands.. he is so close to her racks as he is enjoying the very moment deeply..sneha is breating heavier as she boobs move up and down ...
Dinesh thaught this should be the moment to touch her boobs...he is going to press but at that moment the bell rang..

Ding dong..ding dong...

Dinesh, got afraid but at the same time confident because the main door is key he didn't panicked and slowly moved to sneha's ear and said something...

Dinesh: ippo taapichitaa.. aanaa nee innuru naal maathuvaa (u have escpaed narrowly today, but one day, my rod will surely going to get inside you...) 
Sneha doesnt open her eyes but relieved that someone finally rung that stupid bell to interupt dinesh vicious plan..
Dinesh threw the saari to sneha and give a slobbery kiss on sneha's cheeks and left the place...
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RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
Dinesh came downstairs and opened the door as nothing happend, it was Praveen who has rung the bell..

Praveen: Yen paa, maindoor putti irukudhu ? (why the main door is locked?)
Dinesh: illa, amma veeliyee poiyirrukirangaa.. naa mottai madiyile irruunthen (no, mom went outside and i was in the top floor)
Praveen: Sneha Akka enghe (Where is sneha?)
Dinesh: avangaa, melethan irrukangaa (she is upstairs also)
Praveen introduced colleagues to praveen and went upstairs...Meanwhile sneha get ready and tired to cool down after the brisk event...

Praveen welcomed his hosts to enter the hall and asked them to have a seat...

Praveen: Sneha....Sneha!!
Sneha controlled her emotions and said: idhoo vaarengaa.. (here, i'm coming)
She arranged her dresses quickly and washed her face to neat to welcome guests..

Talking about guest, Praveen invited 3 colleagues (Murugan, Anil and swetha..)
Murgan is his main collaborator in his company, he works as Senior Accountant officer, anil is a marketing intern and swetha is a HR manager...They kept looking praveen's house and chatted about the interior design etc...

Praveen raised his voice: Snehaa..seerkiraam vaamaa, ellame vaandhuthaagaa paar (sneha, please come faster, everyone is wating for you)
Sneha rushed back to her bedroom and picked her baby..she is still shivering from the incident and she took the baby to hide her fearness...Sneha held the baby and came to the hall.. Praveen put a sofa set and tables sets in his hall.. the two guys sat on the sofa, swetha on a steel chair and praveen also sat on a chair and finally sneha arrived..

Murugan and Anil were astonished to see a beautiful lady as Sneha..As we said sneha before sneha is a quite homely figure with good features.. Not too much fat or not too much lean...

Sneha stood near his husband...and praveen introduced her to his mates...

Praveen: Ivaa thangaa, ennodha wife sneha, Ivaan ennodha paiyan Vinoth (she is my wife sneha, and my infant sneha)
Sneha: vanaakaam (my wishes)
Murugan and anil are still enlured by the cute face of sneha and didn't responded to her immediately..but swetha answered..

Swetha: Vaanakumaa, naallairukigaalaa (my greetings to you, how do you do?)
Sneha: nalaa irukkukiren, Vedhulaam piduchirukka (i'm fine, do you like our place)
Murugan focused on sneha assets and said: Edhu edhu enngaa irrukunooomoo, ang angha irruku (Thing are very well placed and the right aera)
The accountant is talking about sneha's boobies and her whole structure in a double meaning...
Anil: Ellamee braamaandhamaa irruku... (all stuffs are very mighty)
Murugan: Ennaku rommbaa pudichirukku, mukiyanam andha rendhu... (i like it very much, especially those two huge..)
Praveen cut him and said: Yaar veetuku vaadhalum, idha thann solluranga (everyone who arrives here says that)
Anil: Paarkavee, azhagaa irrkuu, thothuupaataa, eppadi irrukum (it so cut while seeing those things, how could be if we can feel and touch it..)
Sneha began to understand the conversation between them as she is in a transparent saree. She is revealing too much to the guests...and suddely praveen said:
Praveen: Vennunaa touchpanni parugaa, nalla soft, busu busunnu irrukum (if you wish, you can touch them, its very soft and pleasant to feel)

Sneha was astonished by this thing and was very angry about his husband will...
Murugan and anil aslo were shocked by praveen's words..

Murugan: enn..enna sollurigaa ? (what..what are you saying)
Anil: Adhu, nalla manners illa (its a bad habit, i won't)
Swetha suddenly stood up and began to approaching sneha...

Sneha is also thinking that the she is going to touch her boobs, so she tried to keep her child on her chest to cover thoses milikies..

Sneha: veenaam... onnum seiyaadhigaa (no, please don't do anything)
Praveen: Onnum aagaadhu... nee soumaa irrku...neega poiye adha thodungaa madam (nothing will happen, please be quiet..go and touch it madam)

swetha came near to sneha and pass behind her to pick thoses two huge sponge ballons hanging behind sneha's head..

Swetha: iddu poi, ippadhi baayaapaadiringaa (you got afaird for those things..)
When sneha saw that his husband is talking about the ballons, she got relieved and asked the guests to drink something..

 Edhaavuduu kudikaa kondhuvaren, enna venum (i'll going to bring something to drink, what do you would like to have?)

Swheta: ennaku thannimattum podhu (i need only water)
Praveen; adhallailla, sneha nee poi, coffee podhu...Anil mattum coffe kudikaamaatar, aavaru juice, illa color poodhu (no, go and make some cofee, and wait anil doesnt drink coffee...make his some juice)

Sneha rushed back to the kitchen and made some coffee to them, and swetha also helped her to do things quickly as they are getting late... 

Sneha brought the coffee set to them and served:, while serving she bends down to show some cleavage to murugan and anil...they are fosuced on those mugs..

Sneha knew that and wanted to withdraw quickly the tray from them...

Sneha: eedhutukoogaa (take it)
Murugan: Roombaa soodaa irrukum polliruku (its too hot)
Praveen: Soodaa irruthaalum sweetaa irrkum..taste pannuka (It's hot but very creamy and tasty..taste it)
Murugan picked a cup and sipped ...
Anil meanwhile pickes the color (juice) and tasted it also

 Color superaairrku, daily kudikaalaam poll irruku (its super, would like to drink it daily)
Praveen said: neegaa innum chinaapaiyaan, daily kuidchia, joraam vaandhudum..enna maadhiri vaarathuku oru thaadaavaa nalla kudichaa poodhum (you are too young, you'll be sick if you drink it daily, you should enjoy the drink once a week, you will be very fine)

Anil begin to get tensed about the double meaning words and just kept it low...All have finished their drinks and greeted praveen and sneha for the wonderful time they had..

Swetha; seeri, naagaa kilaborom, rommba nandri, neegalyum ennodu veetuku vaangaa (thans a lot, you must come to my place at least once)
Murugan looked once again the home and liked it very much
Praveen: enna sir veedu pudichirukaa, naalaa suthipaarugaa (what sir, do u like my place as much, have a look around)
Murugan: illa sir, naala kaati irrukaagaa , ennaum rombaa pudichiruku (its well built, i like it very much)

Praveen;adhikaadi vaanthu poitu irrugaa, snehakum ennaum naariya peru theriyadhu (come when us wish as more you can, we don't know too much people around)
Murugan: kaandippaa, inngu ellame naalla irrku..idhu maari edhaathaa naa rombaa naalaa paathikuirruran.. seerikaamavee mudichudven (sure, everythign is fine, they have bulit it well, i'll surely enter and finish this thing quicky)
05-20-2014, 09:06 AM,
RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
The Lucky One Part 1

Several days passed, dinesh doesn't show up after the "incident", Sneha was upset with dinesh's immature actions. How can she be so innocent ? She should noticed that the teen is now a real threat to her..She doesn't expect things to go 
like that...she kept thinking about it and felt ill for some time...

Dinesh doesn't let a word outside about what he asked for, even his mother sita doesn't notice something weird on dinesh behaviour. Life flows as by and everything seems to come to order..

Dinesh used to shag alot after the incident, and doesn't even face sneha for several weeks...he just keeping his stuffs with friends...

One final day, Sita asked to give something to sneha and decieded this fatal moment to face once again his dream bitch!

Sita: Dey, idhapoi mellakoodhutuvaa (hey, go and give this upstairs)
Dinesh: ennadu? (what is this?)
Sita: innuku, ongaa thaataa oodaa thiidhi, adha konjam paalaagaram senjhen (today, its your granpa death day, i've praised the lords and made some sweets to share)
Dinesh: neeye poi kudhu (go and give youself)
Sita: poi kududaa..naa paakaathuvituupoi kudhuthutuvaren (go and give, i'm giving sweets to the neighbourhood)

Dinesh is very afraid to go upstairs and face once again sneha..even though his mind is forcing him to go..his heart says no and what he had done is very wrong to the ethics and moral...but he went upstairs to please his mother..

Dinesh knocked the door...

Dok Dok Dok...
Praveen: yaaru (who's that?)
Dinesh: Dinesh vandhu iruken sir (its dinesh sir)
Praveen: oulla vaapaa, kadhavu thirandhuthan irruku (come inside, the door is open) 
Dinesh entered and gave the sweets to praveen
Praveen: ennapa idhu ? (whats this)

Dinesh explained that thr rituals of his grandpas etc...praveen took the silverbox and shouted for sneha...Sneha came to the hall and saw dinesh; he shifted his eyesight from sneha's face..sneha doesnt see him also & just picked the box and went to the kitchen...

Praveen: sneha, ennaku konjam vellairruku, kadei varaikum poitu varen (i've got some work, i'm going to a shop and will be back soon...)
Dinesh: serri sir, paarthiram appouram thanga, naa kilamburan (ok, i take leave, just give me the boxex later)
Praveen: iru paa, : sneha...andha pathirathai kaazhivikodu (wait, sneha please clean the box and give it now)
Sneha: Seri (ok)
Praveen: waitpanni vaagithepoopaa (wait and take it without)..
Praveen left the place to shop...dinesh took the opportunity to seek the pardon from sneha..Dinesh entered the kitchen

Dinesh: Akka...(sister..)
Sneha doesn't responded to him and did'nt pay mere attetion to dinesh
Dinesh insisted and fell directly on sneha's feet and request her to forgive..sneha was surprised bt this act and was a little bit shocked..

Sneha as she is very patient and kind person lost her temper and scolded dinesh: Dey, ippadhi panna, naa maanichuduveena (if you do like this, will i forgive your act?)
Dinesh: please kaa, buthikettu poi appadi naadhantukittan, enna maanichudugaa (i lost my mind, plase forgive me)
Sneha wanted to get rid of dinesh hands holding sneha's feet, but cant get it out...

Sneha: hmmm....enna vidhudaa, innkee onnodha ammaakitta solluren (leave me, i'll complain to your mom)
Dinesh: please, please, onnum seiyaadhigaa (please, dont do anything please)

Sneha finally decieded to forgive dinesh this time coz if she complains to his mom, not only dinesh life will be spoiled but also her own life will be on jeoparady... 

Sneha: dey, endhirdaa, ithudhan onnuku kadaisi mannipu.. (just get up, this is my first and last pardon, get lost!)

Dinesh slowly released the pressure and unhold his hands form snehas legs..

Dinesh: rommbaa thanks, innmee naa ongulaa thondharavu pannamaaten (thank u very much, i won't disturb you anymore)
Sneha: indha onnodha paathiram, engendhu poo (take your pot and leave the spot)

Dinesh collected and is on the way leaving the that time praveen is back from shopping...

 ennapaa, innum nee pooliyaa (hey, haven't you left yet)
Dinesh; illa sir, ippothan..(no sir just now..)
Before he finishes his lines, someone else is followinf praveen, its Murugan !

Murugan: ennapaa thambi, eppadi irrukaa, (how are you my boy?)
Dinesh: nalla irruken sir, (i'm fine)
murugan: Praveen, indha paiyaan...adhikadhi inngaiye than irrukan.. (this fellow, is always roaming around here)
Praveen: illa, sweetkodhukaa vaandhan (he came to give some sweets)
Dinesh: naa kilambaran sir, appuram paarpom (i'm leaving, will catch u later)

Praveen entered the hall and request murugan to have a seat..he also informed sneha about murugan presence..
Sneha welcomend murugan...

Sneha: vaangaa sir, nalla irukigalla (greetings sir, how do you do?)
Murugan: nalla irruken maa, praveenaa shoppula parthen athan, ungalayum parthupupollamnu vandhen...(i'm doing well, just caught praveen in stores, felt like to passby here to see you)
Sneha was little bit shy and doesn't responded..

Praveen: nee poi siruku coffee kondhuvaa (go and bring the coffee)
Murugan: anniku coffee nallaa superaa iruthanthu (that day the coffee was super)
Sneha wen to the kitchen and noticed that there were no milk at home, she called her hubby ..

Sneha: ennaga, paal suthamaavee illa, ippo enna pannurathu (my dear, there is no milk at home, what shall we do?)
praveen: seeri, naa poi vanghithu varen, cycle saavi engye (i go and buy the milk, where is the cycke key)
Sneha: kadhavukitta irukku, seekiram vaangaa (near the main door, make it fast)
Praveen back to the hall: sir, idho konjam nerathulla varen, veethulla paal illai (sir, i'll be back soon, there is no milk at home)
Murugan taught himself :poi solluran, ivannoda maanaivi odha mollai 5 liters kolltuthupoi irruku, evan enna ippadi sollura.. (he is lying, his wife has the biggest milikes in the area, which contains several liters of milk..this guy is such a looser)

Sneha was still in the kitchen, murugan was asked to stay for a while in praveens house...

While getting back downstairs, dinesh passed by...

Dinesh: enna sir, enna vennum (what sir, what do you want?)
Praveen: veetulaa paal illa paa, naa poi vangitu varen (there is no milk, i gonna buy some packets)
Dinesh was very anxoius about the current situation, praveen is going outside leaving murugan alone with sneha..

Dinesh to himself: evaan oru perriyaa mootal, andhaallodaa thaniyaa snehavaa vittutuporan, indha vaayaasulayee , naanne snehaava poodaalaam thoonuduu.. anatha murugan oru periya thevidiya maavan.. sneha enna pannaa pooranoo..ninaichavee bayamaa irruku (this guy is an asshole, how can he leave his wifey alone with that bastard, for my age, i would like to bang hard sneha...that muurgan is a sob.. damn he sure gonna use this chance to screw sneha..
i've got goose bumps while thinking about it)
05-20-2014, 09:06 AM,
RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
Mouthwatering mangoes

Finally, praveen left the place to buy some milk...Dinesh wasn't sure about what will happen upstairs..he may misunderstood Murugan..he might be a nice guy and not a screwer as he taught..but at the other side, who one see sneha get instant hard-on..
She has the most beautiful eyes.. her eyes is not only things which are wide...her ass is also to perfect one to guys...nice fleshy and smooth ones...banging her day and night could be enough for men...she needs to be dealed in a horniest way..

Dinesh made his mind and decieded to spy murugan's behaviour upstairs..he checked if his mummy is busy or not..he slowly closed the main door and went to the top floor..Dinesh arrived near the top but stayed there and watch the action..
Murugan was sitting in a chair and reads a newspaper..dinesh cant see sneha from this position and dont know exactly whats going there..

Dinesh to himself: chaa, idhu baadu, seekiraamaa poonaa, nalla irrukum (fuck, if this asshole left the place quickly, it would be fine)
Meanwhile, murugan enquired about the baby..

Murugan: Enna maa, kozhandhaa naalla saadipuraapoll irruku, nalla kozhukozhunu irrukan (i think the baby is cute and very chubby.. you nourshies him nicely)
Murugan knew that the infant only drink his mothers milk thats why murugan asked wisely about that..he wanted to know 

snehas reacts on it...

Sneha briskly answered: Ippodhan paal powder ella vandhudhichee adhan aarokiyamaa irrukan (now there is milk powder selling every where thats why he is healthy)
Murugan: Illa maa, indha chinnavaiysulla thaipaal thanmaa kudukunum (it this age, only breast milk will be healthy fo the baby)
Sneha only give her milk to her kid and doesn't buy milk powder...she told that she buys milk powder coz she doesnt want other people to know about her feeding habit..

Sneha doesnt answered to murugan and stood there with the baby...murugan insisted on that but kept talking about other stuffs..

Murugan: amma kozhanthayee ingee kudu.. (please, give me the baby)
Sneha handovered her child to murugan and went back to the kitchen

Murugan kept playing with the child, after few mins, the baby peed on him

Murugan: achacho, ipaadi pannitaanee (gosh, he peed on me)
Sneha rushed back: ayyoyo, manichukugaa, neega poi bathroomlaa dressa cleanpannugaa (oh! sorry, please go and wash your pants in bathroom)
Murugan gave the baby and asked for the bathroom.. sneha showed him the way, while he was in the bathroom she changed the kid and layed him on the cradle... 

Dinesh took that ace moment to cross the hall and hide behind a corridor...Do you remember the corridor where there is a "peephole"... Dinesh hide there to watch the action, even though there is no sexual and erotic moment, the situation is very arousing..

Dinesh: dey maavanee, bathroomaa poi irrukuyaa, indha chanceaa usepanni snehavaa saapidalamunu paakeeriya, vidhamaatneedhaa maavane (you sob, you're using the bathroom as a trick to seduce sneha..i wont leave you little donkey)

Murugan cleaned himself in the bathroom but he noticed that there are some wet clothes still in the bathroom...
He took some to see..its all praveens dresseS

Muurgan: chee, inguu onnum illyayee, illaloo mollai size ennanu innpo theriunumee..athukuthaa paal matterra patti kettan.. indha thevadiya onnum sollulaa..inno enna paanaalaam (damn, its all wet clothes, nothin interesting.. i wish to know her boob size, thats why i asked about breastfeeding but that whore doesnt seem to give away any info)

While talking to himself, he noticed one basket around the corner..he wanted to check it also..he opened it and to his pleasant surprise he saw some dirty clothes..he searched for a bra but couldn't find one..out of anger, he was furious 

and wanted to crush those boobs and suck them till the end of the day..

Sneha came to the backside and enquired if everything is ok...

Sneha: Edhunum prechanaillayee (is all fine over there?)
Murugan: idho 5minutes varen.. oru veethi irrundhaa nalla irrukum (will be out in 5 min, do you have a dothi to wear)
Sneha: idhoo kondhuvaren (sure.;will bring you)

Sneha rushed and picked up a dhoti..murugan was only wearing his underwear and still in the bathroom...

Murugan: ennamaa, kaayeeliiakudhu (have you got it?)
Sneha: idhoO...(here)

He opened slowly the bathroom door and lend his hand outside..sneha tends her hands with the dress.. 
Muurgan taught that he should seize this chance to enjoy sneha..he suddenly fierociely pulled her in the bathroom...sneha was astonished by this and was really really tensed...after seeing this, dinesh dick bungled very hard..

Dinesh: addaa paavi, innuku snehaakkaa saythaa, ivaa enna pannapooranoo (bullshit, sneha is going to die, what will he do)

Sneha cried: enna sir, pannurigaa, ennavidhugaa (what are you doing sir, leave me)
Murugan is a strong guy, he holded her very tightly: Illadi, onnaa viddamaataaa, enniku onna mudaltharavaa paathenoo, appoveee onnaa fulla ookaanum neenachiten...ivvaloo seekiram maatuveen naa konchamkudaa ninaikulla (no way in hell, i wont leave you, i wanted to enjoy you till the first day i saw you, i never expected you to fell in my trap so 

Sneha: ennavittudugaa.. vithudugaa (pleas leave me..leave me)
Murugan get aroused by her shivering voice and her began to force her...he holded sneha both hand with his right hand...

Sneha: ayyo, kaiyaa vidhugaa..vaalikudhu.. (please, leave my hands, its painful)

Muurgan raised her both hands and attached them with the lungi... he tied her both hands behind her...Sneha began to panic and starts crying.. he doesnt want to hurt her...if he slaps her, his husband will notice that in her face so he pulled a kerchief from his pants and put it on snehas mouth..

Snehaa: Onnummu panaathihmmmmmm...hmmmm (please don't do...hmmmmmm)
Murugan: Irudhi.. naa onnaa innum thoddakuduaa illa (wiath you bitch, i've touched you yet) 

He slowly shook his hands and began to move his hands to snehas body, and maily towards her clothes..
He picked up her saari and he is revealing her fleshy boobs in blouse..

Murugan is aroused by seeing only snehas cleaveage, its so tight and tender.. it can explode if he releases those milkies from her blouse...

Murugan: ennadi ippadiirruku... nalla maampaazhlaa polla irruku..innukiye idhaa rusikaamaa poo maatendi ( r ur biggies, loks like mangoes, i wll surely taste them today)
Sneha is weeping and and her face is reddish due to the treatement done by murugan....dinesh partially enjoyed the scene as he wanted to enjoy before him..but now he is totally aroused by the scene and specially by this situation... 

 ippo, onnoodhaa jacket thorraakaaproen dii... Indha rendu pall pannaiyum ippo ennakudha.. 'now, i'm going to open your blouse, and going to taste your boobs)
He began to unhook the button...and snehas shakes her head saying not to do this...but murugan tried to open and finally sneha is in standing in bra..

Murugan: eppadi sougaamaa irrukuu.. idhaa nakkaalaamaa, illaa sappallamaa..illa kaambaapidhchu killallamaa.. (how sweet those boobs are, should i lick it, suck it or pinch thoses nipples)

Muurgan forced once again and pulled off her bra..her boobs are the best he has seen....white, milky, round and cute..

Muurgan widely open his eyes and focused on her boobs..he was astonished to see those beautiful mangoes..he beagn so get closer to her and watch them for a moment..his mouth began to water..

Murugan swallowed his saliva and wanted to taste...but first is to feel them ...he brought his hands towards her boobs and began to press them slowly...
Slowly..slowly..slowly..he then pressed them faster and harder..sneha is in pain and cries a lot...He plays a while with her mangoes...and he pulls and pinches thoses brown nipples...
he taught that this should be the time to suck them hard...
He mouthwatered alot and his put his mouth on snehas right boobs... he is sucking it hardly..sneha began to feel her body responding to it as she is getting wet...he keeps sucking and biting her boobs from right to left..he shiftes from 
right boob to the left..left to the right..he wants to empty her boobs immediately...

Suddenly, something fell near dineshes leg and the sound occured made murugan afraid..he finally sucked and slapped hard on sneha boobs...he dressed himself and began to relieve sneha from his game...

Murugan: maavalle..innnkuu idhu poodhunum naanilkeeren..innurunaal onnoodhaa suthelaa kuthurendhi.. (you bitch, i think its enough played today, i'll will bang your ass sooner or later)
Sneha was weeping on the floor, she put her both hands on her hands and keeps crying..

Murugan: ippo azhuvardhaa niruthudii..onnodha puruchan vandaa..naadhandhaatha sollu.. (sstop crying, if your husband com, tell him what happend..siad ironically murugan)

Murugan left the place...after sometimes sneha refreshed and came back to the hall..dinesh meanwhil went to the "mottai maadi"..and finally praveen back from the milk booth...

Praveen: enna, engyee murugan sir ? (where is murugan)
Sneha from the kitchen: killabipooithaaru, onnum sollulla, edho vella irrukan (he left, he said nothing, but got some unfinished work)

Praveen: paaraavaailla.. seeri ennaku kocham soodhaa paal podhu (its ok, pour me some hot milk)

Sneha to herself: ayyo, ippadi naa moosam pooitheenee, (i got abused my self)...

Dinesh was thinking;

Endaa padhupaavi, snehaa oodha mollaiyaa taste pannitaan..ippadiyee ponna, naamaaku onnum kiidaikaathu..endhavudhu pannanum.. (this bastard got lucky before me, he tasted snehas boobs, if it go likewise..i'll surely get nothing from 

this...i should plan something big...)
05-20-2014, 09:07 AM,
RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
Murugan laid down !

Dinesh thought for something big to do...Even though he got aroused by the snehas boob sucking episode..he was rather upset because it was done by another guy. He wished he were at the place but sadly he could only manage that hot scene.
Now, he learnt how to suck a woman boobs...
He wanted to suck her milk like a baby, which means sucking softly and smoothly but after what he saw from the other end..murugan crushed, rubbed, pressed hardly sneha's boobs... Even if it seemd to be painful for sneha, it was quite 
enjoyable for murugan..

He doesnt bother about his studies and stuffs..he used to only think about sneha..he tought that right now sneha is not the main target, but the bastard you sucked sneha awesomely..Murugan..

Dinesh (to himself): Andha naaiyee, ennaku munnadee, suppitu pooiutan, avaanaa vidaa kudathu (that dog, sucked before me, 
i wont leave him)
Enna pannalam, yaarukitta idea kettalam..karthik kitta venna sollamaa... (what can i do? to whom i can discuss this issue with? should i seek help from kartik? 

Dinesh took this cycle and wen to karthik place; on the way, he is thinking and sorting out a plan...once arrived, the rung his cycle bell

Dinesh: dey, karti vaadaa vellielee... (hey karthi, come outside man)
Tring..tring...nobody came from outside...

Dinesh: Karthi, karthi...enna yaarum vittulaa illayaa (karthi, one in home or what?)
Dinesh parked his cycle and began to roam around the house to see if someone around..Karthi house is a small roof-house but they have a big garden which is not maintained...alot of bushes..i look like a small jungle..he sneaked around but noone there..
He knew that karthi and himself spent alot of time behind there and peeking on other neigbourhood ladies..they watched them washing clothes, sometimes changing clothes etc...thats why he thought to give a look at the backyards..he then returned to the front door and unlocked his cycle..At that time karthi is back from market fully loaded

Dinesh: engaadaa, veetulaa yaarumee illa (why no one at home)
Karti: ellamee, maamaa vittuku poi irrukaangaa..nee enggadaa indha netrathulla (they went to uncles place, what are doing here)

Dinesh helped karthi unloading veggies and put them on the store room..meanwhile dinesh talked about Murugan..he didn't tell karti about the boob suck scene..but only told about murugan planning to encounter sneha..

Dinesh: dey, avanna eethavaadu paanaanum, nammakuu munnadhi avan snehavaa saapithuduvaan (hey, we must do something, if not he will fuck sneha before us)
Karthi: seri, ennaku enna kidaikum, nee snehaa oothiduvaa..ennaku eppo chance kidaikum (ok, but what will i get? will finish sneha, but when will i get a chance)
Dinesh: nee oru nalla idea kodhu..nammba oru nerathulla avalla poodaalam (give me a idea first, then we will penetrate both)
Karthi: serri, andha murugan naayee adhichi podaalam (ok, let hit murugan)
Dinesh: Poda poda, avana pathu irrukiya, maadu maathiri irrupaan, naballaalaa onnum panna moudiyaadhu (oh you, have u seen him before, he is a big buffalo, we cant do anything directly
Karthi: seeri, veenunaa aall vechi (ok, if we hire some baddies..)
Dinesh: waste, avaalu kasu illa (waste, we dont have too much money)
Dinesh: avan sunday sunday, walking poovan, appo avaan edhatavu pannalam (every sunday, he walks in the park, we can do 

something there)

Sunday early morning, dinesh get up early and planned with karthi..there idea is to hide near bushes and push murugan from the we can invalid for some time..
As planned they rushed to the park and hide behind usual murugan walks in and do some he bends and streches himself.. karthi and dinesh pushed him from the top and murugan felt..
the fall is little bit high (like falling from first floor)..once pushed the two guys ran away from the place)

Later in the evening, dinesh sat on the veranda reading comics, praveen passed by and told to dinesh's mum (sita) that his colleague has felt down and has broken his legs..doctors adivsed him to take complete rest for 2 months..

Dinesh relieves himself and was so happy about the good news...he went to karthi place to narrate this..meanwhile sneha also learnt the misadventure and felt happy ..she doesnt express her feelings in her face but its quite nice to see sneha happy again after what she suffered from...

Dinesh way is free now, how will he attack sneha..
05-20-2014, 09:07 AM,
RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
Exam to pass !

Dinesh taught that this few weeks will be his major chance to enjoy sneha..
Semi exams arrived and sita is tensed about his boy's education. She knows that this year might be his final chance to pass exams. Dinesh wasn't aware of the situation, he is more focused on how to fuck sneha rather then his exams..
Finally, one day sita yelled at dinesh, coz he doesnt study at all and keeps playing around..

Sita: dey dinesh, exam varudhudaa, yen da padikaavee maaturaa.. (hey dinesh, exam is approaching, why you dont keep interest in Studies)
Dinesh: Illamaa, naa schoolaa paadichitutaan irruken..ozhungaa paas aayuduven (no maa, i keep studying hardly in school, i'll surely pass)
Sita: kizhichaa..edhethan rendu varushaamaa solluraa...Passaarra maadhiri theriyulaa (nothing doing, you're saying it since two years the same story, i dont have faith in you)
Dinesh: ippo nee yenna, yennaaathan seyaa solluraa (what do you want me do?)
Sita: ozhungaa tutionekuu pooodaa (go back to tution again)

Dinesh knew that his mom wanted to start again with sneha..i mean the tution course.. after the "bathroom incident", dinesh doesnt want to face sneha again.. even though he apologized, he is very angry at him, behvaning like this to a 
woman...but he wanted to use this occasion to plan something hard...

Dinesh: illamaa, avangaa busyaa irupaangaa.. (no she might be busy)
Sita get angered and went upstairs immediately to ask sneha why he discontinued tution..dinesh followed her anxiously..

Dinesh: amma amma, veenamaa...tution venna (mom mom, please, no need for tution again please)
Sita: nee suumaa irudha (hey, be quiet)
they arrived to snehas portion and checked...

Sita knocked the door: sneha..sneha 
Praveen opened the door: vaangaa maa, oulla vanga (welcome,please come in)
Sita: illapaa.. evaanuku tuttion paathi pesssalaamu than vanthom (we came here to talk about his tutuion)
Praveen: exam time verra.. (yes its exam time too)
Sita: snehakuu time iruntha, thiruppi nalla sollikudukalam (if sneha got some time, she can make him learn very well)
Praveen urged sneha to come, sneha came from the bathroom as she is washing some clothes over there..sneha came and praveen told the situation..

Sneha doesnt utter a word, and doesnt want to teach dinesh again...she knew that this boy is no more a teen but a real threat to her..
praveen: ennamaa solluraa..thiruupi seyuriaa (what do you say..will to teach him again)
Sneha finally got convinced by sita as she begged to her to make his son a better student..

Praveen: seeri, daily 5pm vanthuduu..sneha akka onnuku nalla sollikudupaangaa.. engaa ourlaakuduaa..naariyaan chinaa passanga snehakitta naalla kaathukitaangaa (ok, come around 5pm daily, sneha will teach you my town, she taught to teen like you..she taught them very well)

Dinesh to himself: ok ok, ivaa, antha pasangaakittaa enna enna kaamichu kaathukuduthaaloo.. ipaadi kummunee irrundhaa..nammaa eppadi gaamunum irrukaa muddiyum (ok, ok, She must surely shown her voluptuos body to teens..she is so how can keep our rod soft)

Dinesh said; seeri (ok)

They left the place, and dinesh waited the whole day to meet once again with sneha..
Sneha to herself: indha maanushaanuku, onnum theriyaalaa, illa vennunee than seyurraa raa...indha payankitta jakirathaithan irrukunum.. (is this man doing it unconsiously or is he simplt stupid..i must been in alert with this boy)

Sneha accepted to teach..but dinesh waited this moment to reach (his dreams)..It seems that the story is getting whatever happens..add some comments to have some wonderful moments

05-20-2014, 09:07 AM,
RE: Sneha an Adorable Housewife
Got Milk ?

Dinesh finished his classes and getting back home with karthi..he is eagerly awaiting to fac once again sneha...

Dinesh: Dey, innuku tution thirupi aarapikuthu..snehavaa paaka poren..jollyaa irruku (hey, i'm getting back to tutuion, very happy to face sneha once again)
Karthi: yennakuthan andha chanceilla..engha vittulaa avaalavu vaasaathilla.. (i've got any household cant afford this kind of luxury)
Dinesh: Kaavalla paadhaathaadaa machi...snehaa onnumillamaa pannidallam...Avalla nakki, suppi, avaloodha suthaa nondii..enna vennalum pannalam.. murugan nayeku chancekidacha mardhi..naamaaku seekaarmaa luckuadikum daa..(dont woory, we will make her slut..we can lick, suck, finger her wide ass..we can do whatever we want...that Dog murugan got lucky before us..we have to wait our turn..and it will be very soon)

Karthi cut his pace and turned to his road..dinesh left him and move forward to his move...On the way, he saw her mom going somewhere else..he stopped and enquired his mom...

Dinesh: Amma..ennamaa..engha pora (ma..what ma..where are u going)
Sita: Paakatuvituu ponnuku kozhandhaa porandhu irruku..adha hospitaluku porren (the young neighbourhood lady gave birth to a child)
Dinesh: Vettu saavi engye.. (where is then house key)
Sita: snehavaa kizhlaa irrukaa sonnen, nee ponnuvenne, avangaa poidhuvaangaa (sneha is on our house..when you reach, she will go to her place)

Dinesh is so happy that he quickly chatted with him mom and left home..he pedaled so quickly he arrived to his home lika jet plane..he parked it and slowly entered the home as nothing that moment sneha arrived with the infant..

Sneha: indha dinesh, saavi..seekiram ready aaituuvaa..tutionuku time aachi.. (take the key dinesh..get readny soon..u r getting late for tution)
Dinesh took the key: seeri, oru 10 minushathulla varen..oru oudhavi seuyringaalaa.. (ok, i'll be ready withihn few min..may i have your help please)
Sneha doesnt know what he gonna ask...

Sneha: enna? (what?)
Dinesh: Ennaku Paal vennum! (i need some milk)
Sneha: ennadhu..ennadhaa..thirupi aaranbichityaa.. ( have started again!)
Dinesh: Ayyo..neega verra..naa vvetuku vaathapuram..teaku paathilla..sudaanaa paalthan kudipeen..neega innum enna thappa purigikiteegaa.. (gosh..i drink hot milk instead of tea when i back misunderstood me)

Sneha doesnt know what to say, she taught dinesh is still reffering to her big boobs..she got shy and lowered her head..

Sneha: seri, nee poo..naa mellepoi paal kondhuvaren.. (ok, you go..i wll bring some hot milk from upstairs)
Dinesh double meaningly said: Illayee..engayyee rendu liters paal packet irruku..appouram yen melle poi edhuthuvaaranum (nope, here we have got two milks packets..why should you go upstairs to bring some)
Sneha: Enna solluraa.. (what are you saying)...she also adjusted her saari..she is not really sure about dinesh he talking about her boobies or is sneha misunderstood thing young lad?

Dinesh knew also but kept as he doesnt know anything but cotinued his double meaning game to distrub

Dinesh: illa..amma paal packet vaangi vechirupaagaaa..adhan sonnen..neegaa ingayee paal sudhupaanukaa..ungaa paalaa yen wasteaakaanum..Kuzhadhaikum..mukkiyaa saarukum thevaipadhum ( baught already milk packet, that i'm saying, you can heat the milk here..dont waste you milk here..the baby and specially your husband will need those milks)

Sneha is getting some doubts about dinesh speech..she ended the conversation to finish the job quickly..meanwhile dinesh rushed to him rooms, took some clothes and went to the bathroom... he needs to cross by the kitchen to the the kithchen..sneha is pouring some milk and lit the gas to boil..dinesh saw that she holds her kid in her hip..

Dinesh to himself: Idhu enna idhupaa..illa adhupaa..imma perrsiaa irruku.. nalla vaalavaalaa..neelaivaa irruku... daily indha idhupaa killee villayaadhulaam...praveen oru dhaadhi..indha maadri chinna chinnaa sandosham ennodhaa pondaathikitta kidaikumaa.. (is this a hip or a hot Cup ? its so wide..curvy ans shiny..i'll surely piches those daily and enjoy my life..praveen is an idoit..he doesnt enjoy those lovely moments..hope i get a wifey like her)

Dinesh: Akka..kuzhandhaiyaa..bedllua podhunaa..naa appuram onnaa poodhuren... (sis, but the baby on the cradle, they i nail you)
Sneha: ennadhu ! (what did you say)
Dinesh: illa, bedumella podhupoodhu..thuni ppothhu poodhugaa..illanaa kuzhandhaa onnukum poiudaaporan..neegaa freeya paal poodaalaam.. (no..put a cloth on the bed before laying the baby on bed..he may urine on it..then you can easily pour some milk)

Dinesh went to bathroom and began to shower..sneha meanwhile put milk and poured in a glass...then she asked from there

Sneha: dinesh..enthanai tea spoon saakaaraa podhurathu..( much sugar do you need)
Dinesh heard it and said: 2 spoons poodhugaa (put 2 tea spoon please)

Dinesh soaped himself and he get excited about the presence of sneha whereas he is nude in his bathroom..
Nee saakaariyee poddha vendhaam dee.. unnokaam yeechiiyee eenipaaye irrukum... unnodu rendu kannum..minsaram paayum kaantha kaangal... unnodaa udhathu, muthaam koodhuthukonndee irrukaalaam..ayyo..neenaichaalee thukudhee dee.. appouram, unnodaa andha rendu rendu.. azhagaanaa..medhuvaanaa..busu busunu irrkum andha rendu kaanaangaal.. yenna yeendi ippadhi kolluraa... (you dont need to add the sugar in my dirnk, your saliva is as sweet as two eyes..very attractive poles..your lips, we can kiss you for all time..damn, i'm aroused while thinking about that..then your two..two..nicely, cutely and chubby cheeks..why are killing me with that asset..)

Sneha: paal, tablemella vechiruken, edhutukoo..naan meele poren... (i've put the milk on table, i'm leaving upstairs)
Dinesh shouted from there: bathroomkitta irkuuraa table mella vechitu poongaa..naa kudichikuren (put it on the table near the bathroom please)

sneha: seeri (ok)
She approached the bathroom and put it near the table..dinesh wanted to use this moment to grab but sneha left as quickly as she can...

Dinesh taught..and threw his towel in the well...and asked sneha to bring a towel from his wardrobe...

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