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Pados ki Didi ne Mujhe Mard Banaya - desiaks - 09-27-2015

Hi everyone I am presently in Te Comp studying in Pune.I am slim,whitish in color,tall(6 feet),black eyes , short black hair ... U can easily guess that due to my great interest in computers i am doing comp eng. Lets start it now..I had just turned 18.Now I was legally allowed to do what i want ..... My neighbor sunita used to stay alone and was working in some accounting firm and she used to have rare visits from her relatives.being always alone in her house she developed good relations with my mom and mom used to send her food if some special item was made,sometimes mom used to ask me to get some stuff from her if mom was out of stock.... So i was also in good touch with something about sunita she was 26 or 27 then still unmarried had nice big boobs and i liked seeing her in her night dress in which here nipples cud be seen very clearly.she was very fair 5'7" in height probably due to her daily excercise she had really tight buttocks and their movement was so clear in those night dress pants. She usually used to keep her door open and we were all used to have her in our house. We used to go in each others place without any knocking without any hesitation or second thought.She had a comp and here where my real use comes in ..... For every small problem she used to call me.I had taught her right from how to start a Comp up to how to use tally.... Her comp desk was so arranged that i cud see it thru my room to(now explaining the structure of my building is not feasible so pls just assume that) one day she called for me and said sxc(i will be using my name as Sxc) i cant play this Cd in my comp can u help me. I just put it in and just played it normally it was her sisters Marriage Vcd .. Explained her the procedure and she seemed happy.then next day she called me for the same reason and also the day after.... I just asked her to do it in front of me and she did it perfectly i kind of got angry on her sayin "y r u irritating me?" she then removed a Dvd from under the table and said i actually wanna play this and this wont play.....

When i played the Dvd the menu came it was just asking which movie to start 1 ,2 or 3... I said "ohhh u should just click on this number to play the movie and i clicked on 1........ The movie started instantly suddenly a hot babe was standing all alone on the basket ball court....... .. Sunita instanly flipped and put the sound and monitor off and shyly said its ok its just a excercise movie for women and she asked me to leave as she wanted to exercise..Now due to my vast experience of porn movies dat instant was enough to know that she was seeing a porn movie and just took me a walk to my room to confirm that.i was thrilled to see her pinching her breasts as she saw the porn obviously with her top stil there but she was also fingering herself it was a gr8 scene for me and my feelings were erupting suddenly after a few moment she removed her finger and it was actually a vibrator and that came as a second shock...Next day i teasingly asked her how was the excercise yesterday she was first shocked and then shade me away.... Then i told her "kya sunita tum toh mujhe abhi bhi bacha samajti hoon" she was stunned to hear that........ She at first just requested me not to sprd the word on her request i instantly agreed.... Now i used to keep a look out when she wud start the porn... Then i used to go and disturb her saying mom send this for u or i want this that etcbut soon i realized i was missing all the fun while she was watching nice hot Dvd quality porn........ . So one day i told her "kya sunita tum toh roj BF dekh kar shant hoon jati hoon magar mujhe toh kabhi blue film dekhne hi nahi mili mujhe bhi dekhne hain"(dat was a White lie she was also stunned to know what all i knew abt her) first she refused but when i still insisted She dint Have a choice.... Next day almost at rite time i was at her place to see some hot stuff ...she started the famous Milkman porn... Though i had seen it many times seeing porn with someone was a different experience for me though the person beside me was of more interest to me than what was going on the a stupid idiot i was there sitting in my Jeans within a minute or less i was aroused and was shifting positions so that my dick cud get some place .... Sunita was not doing anything that she used to do everyday .... Suddenly she realized my problem and said hey sxc bahut uncomfortable hota hoga toh jeans nikal dena........ And i was though waiting for these words to be heard and i hastily removed my jeans .... Now i was in my trunks and the size of my dick was clearly visible from my trunk(underwear) it was like a tent within moments i cud not control and i started rubbing my penis from above my underwear then i put my hand inside and started moving it a bit..... All this while we were we did not dare to make any eye contact and i was sitting a bit behind her so she dint notice all this i think ......i think she peeped a couple of times and then got a good idea what i was doing ..... Suddenly i think her barriers burst out and she said let me help u ...... I think my ears moved like that of a dog to assure what i had just heard ....... Before i cud digest that i felt she was touching my penis from above my underwear first time in my youth someone other than me was so close to ..... A 440 volt current flowed thru me when she pulled my underwear down and got hold of my thing .. 

Soon i came back to my dream and realized the situation ...... I just moved forward and hugged her tight and gave her a passionate kiss.. It was really a beautiful experience . Her nipples were so tight that i could easily feel their prick on my chest her soft boobs were squashed on my chest .... First time i was kissing someone feeling the lips of a girl smelling her sweet perfume from so closely..... Even thinking about that first kiss makes my dick hard and strong...... It seemed like eternity while i was kissing her ... I was feeling each part of her body one of my hand was in her soft hair and the other squeezing her tits hard i was moving my other hand all over her body .. On her buttocks,stomach, her naval part i then slid my hand inside her nite pants to my surprise she was not wearing a panty ..... I slid my hand thru her hair finding her cunt ......... Just then she broke the kiss ..... I started removing my shirt and she removed her shirt to she was neither wearing bra her perfectly spherical milky white boobs just popped out .... Her nipples were very tight then ..... The ring of around her nipple was a big circle brown in color i was just mesmerized i stated sucking her when she mentioned lets move to the bedroom i just kissed her again and picked her up as i took her too the bedroom without breaking the kiss i remember i almost did throw her on the bed i think it did hurt her a bit as she gave a small ouch but it was worth seeing her melons bouncing then i just removed her pants down she was feeling really shy now and hid her face...... I kissed her from her feet up to her cunt and she was almost trembling by the time when i kissed her on her cunt .... It seemed she had not shaved for a long time now and i had never shaved my lower part ever i just moved on her and i was lying rite above her.... We felt each others body for a long time she kissed me on my complete face shoulders etc I was very tight by that time (by d way i was and i am 7 inches in length and 1 to 1..5 inch in diam probably all due to the gr8 effects of shagging ) I was very tight by that time i just guided my dick to her pussy it was very wet and hot it seemed like i put my dick 

Thru a velvet hole which was moist with boiling water then suddenly she threw something on me and then said wear the condom pls i wore it after that i again guided myself to her cunt i took some force to get in at the same time while kissing on my shoulder she just bit me on the shoulder i doubt if i was the first person to have sex with her because some amount of force and my dick cud find place in her .....may be due to the vibrator..I just started moving my dick in and out being my first time it dint seem that easy as it seemed in the porn movies couple of times it just slid out she guided me in once and also told me how to move to in and out such that it cud please both of us to the max by this time the smell of her juices was stronger than ever and even stronger than her perfume as i was moving in and and out of her our hair used to get caught into each others hair and used to get pulled off that also was a kind of sweet pain at that time ... Sooner that i thought i came inside her i just collapsed on her leaving my penis still inside her we were again kissing till i got again hard inside her she then got up and sat in the doggy style and gave me a rap on my dick and asked me to fuck her in that position that was really really good so i banged her really hard from behind her showing no mercy on her cries after some time we both were exhausted and collapsed on each other our sweaty bodies were on each other creating a sexy smell together in the room ... 

Her sweaty back gave me some kind of tinging sensation then after a while she walked to the bathroom and started taking a shower ..... How cud i ever resist that on my first day itself when i walked into the bathroom i was stunned too see her beauty i rushed to her slid her wet hair from the face and kissed her once more then we played with each other for an hour or so in her tub she then cleaned herself properly and walked out then i helped myself by the time i came out she was dry in her gown and was making coffee i dried myself and sat on the sofa with a towel she brought coffee's for both of us and we drank it as we spoke for a long time it seemed ..... We spoke about everything about each other about the world i think we were on and on and on for hours together spanking but it was not so it just seemed so then i finally got dressed up and she gave me a kiss on my cheek and said thank very sensually in my ear i returned her a smile and went back to my place and straight to bed the best thing was that even after all that sex i was so much fresh when i returned home and an even better thing was neither of us felt guilty or sad about what happened after that day for the next six months we had sex almost everyday leaving out the days when she had her Mc until she got married it was pure passion ,pure love and raw sex that we had between us I will never forget sunita ever since then for the last two years i never met anyone as passionate and loving and caring as her and never had sex with anyone since then she is now settled is UK and she once cried on Phone with me as she was missing me .. Droplets did fall from my eyes to but i dint let her know ,,,,,, its been a year now that i have started avoiding her calls i dont want her to be disturbed coz of me and i want her to be happy in her life I hope one day i will find someone as passionate as her ...she has left a void which in my life which is to be filled Thank u friends mail me your comments whenever possible thank bye.

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